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Replicate is a fully integrated inference provider and execution environment in which language models run. Replicate lets developers run machine learning (ML) models in the cloud. Users can run open-source models that other people have published, or package and publish their own models.

Replicate Integration

The integration with Replicate offers unique benefits for Composable Prompts users

  • Powerful prompt studio
  • Access to Llama2 among others

Features of the environment

Environments are the execution runtime environment for the generative model
  • Portable Task Model

    Execute a task on any model and inference provider with zero changes

  • Single Execution Interface

    For all models and providers, including streaming

  • Virtualization Layer

    Integrate different models and providers into a single virtualized environment

  • Fine-Tuning

  • Storage, Indexing & Search

  • Load- Balancing

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