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AI Model & Inference Providers

Composable Prompts supports leading GenAI models and inference providers. Customers connect to major AI providers and access their LLM foundation models using open-source connectors. Enterprise teams can also assemble multiple models from different providers into a synthetic LLM environment for load balancing between models or multi-head execution and LLM-mediated selection.

OpenAI Logo

The integration with OpenAI provides access to AI models such as GPT-3.5 and GPT-4.

AWS Bedrock Logo

The Bedrock integration supports Claude, Cohere, LLama 2, AI21's models, and AWS Titan.

Google Vertex AI Logo

Google's Vertex AI is a machine learning (ML) platform for use in AI-powered applications.

Groq Logo

Groq provides extremely fast inference for computationally intensive applications.

Replicate Logo

Run and fine-tune open-source models and deploy custom models at scale.

TogetherAI Logo

Together AI offers one of the fastest inference stacks available for open-source models.

MistralAI Logo

MistralAI is a fully integrated AI model provider that gives access to models such as Mistral 7B and Mixtral 8×7B.

HuggingFace Logo

Support for Hugging Face Inference Endpoints to easily deploy Transformers and Diffusion models.

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