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Supporting a New Programming Model with LLMs

Software for Building Large Language Model Applications

Composable Prompts is a platform for building AI/LLM applications. Enterprise teams can design, test, deploy, and operate LLM-powered tasks that automate and augment their line of business processes and applications. With a design studio, advanced LLM virtualization layer, and an orchestration engine, enterprise teams drive efficiency, improve performance, and lower costs.

Interaction Design & Management

Craft precise, efficient interactions with LLMs. Design prompt templates, manage data schemas, and visually orchestrate complex interaction workflows.

Prompt Designer

Visually create prompt templates, input-output data schemas, and cache policies to fine-tune LLM interactions.

Powerful Templates

A user-friendly visual designer templates, alongside data schemas that integrate effortlessly with enterprise systems.

Versioning & Approval

Manage versions, tags, and approval processes ensuring a structured interaction development workflow.

Prompt Library

Harness the full power of LLMs. Get AI-assisted prompt suggestions and tap into a shared library of prompt segments tailored for varied business scenarios.

Prompt Assistance

Receive AI-driven recommendations for prompt designs, backed by custom training to refine LLM responses.

Prompt Segment Library

Share, reuse, and innovate with a library of prompt segments ranging from data privacy to domain-specific nuances.

Optimized LLM Collaboration

Enable different LLM engines to work in tandem, leveraging each engine's strengths based on task requirements.

API Service

Elevate application performance with streamlined LLM interactions. Expose interaction definitions as robust API endpoints, ensure top-notch schema validation, and minimize call latency.

API Endpoints

Expose interaction definitions as API endpoints, allowing easy integration and adaptability across systems.

Schema Validation

Maintain the integrity of data with rigorous schema validation, ensuring data consistency across LLM interactions.

Performance Tuning

Optimize the API's performance to reduce latency and improve the responsiveness of LLM calls.

Cache Optimization

Enhance LLM response times and reduce redundant calls with an intelligent caching system. Control cache refresh rates and leverage vector indexing for swift data retrieval.

Cache Service

Leverage smart caching mechanisms to minimize redundant LLM calls and improve overall system efficiency.

Cache Refresh Control

Determine when and how cache data is refreshed to maintain up-to-date interactions with the LLMs.

Vector Indexing

Employ vector indexing techniques for quicker data retrieval and accelerated cache access.

Testing & Quality Assurance

Ensure consistent, high-quality LLM interactions. Validate, debug, and monitor LLM interactions for unparalleled reliability.


Craft tests to validate interactions, ensuring ongoing consistency and adhering to enterprise standards.


Dive deep into LLM results, track iterative changes, and decipher variations to fine-tune LLM interactions.


Stay atop LLM performance metrics. Monitor quality, latency, and overall system health for proactive management.

Client Integration & SDK

Seamlessly weave LLMs into your application ecosystem. Integrate with native SDKs, ensure type safety, and promote collaboration across product teams.

Client SDK

Smoothly integrate LLM APIs into web applications with native libraries for Javascript, Flutter, React Hooks, and more.

Types Repository

Maintain a private NPM-compatible repository of types to foster collaboration and code quality control within teams.

Interaction Collaboration

Collaboratively design interactions and ensure consistent, structured communication with LLMs throughout product development.

Frequently Asked Questions about Composable Prompts

Which cloud platform is Composable Prompts deployed on?

By default, Composable Prompts is deployed on Google Cloud, however it can be deployed on other public cloud platforms such as Azure.

Can Composable Prompts run in a private cloud?

Yes, Composable Prompts may be deployed on-demand in a single tenant instance of a public cloud service provider.

Can Composable Prompts be interfaced with an LLM service running in a private instance?

Yes, on-demand Composable Prompts may be interfaced for instance with Azure OpenAI Private Endpoints.

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