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Watch a Demo

Learn about the core concepts of Composable Prompts, discover the benefits of the platform, and how to get started. 

Composable Prompts Demo Preview

This short demo video is for enterprise architects and developers who are interested in learning more about Composable Prompts.

The demo video explores the UI and the some key areas of the design studio:
  • Environments

    Environments are where the models live. We currently support OpenAI, Amazon Bedrock, Replicate, Groq, Hugging Face Inference Endpoints, Google Vertex AI, Together AI, and Mistral AI.

  • Prompt Template Library

    Prompt Templates are the starting point for describing tasks to LLMs. You can create as many templates as you want, and combine them into interactions.

  • Interactions

    Interactions are the combination of a set of prompt templates, test data, run configuration, that can be executed by a model.

  • Runs

    Runs are the execution and result of an interaction. This is where you can see the result output for auditing purposes.

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