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Composable Prompts for

Hugging Face

We support Hugging Face Inference Endpoints. Developers can easily deploy Transformers, Diffusers or any model on dedicated, fully managed infrastructure.

Hugging Face Integration

The integration with Hugging Face offers unique benefits to Composable Prompts users

  • Easily deploy any Hugging Face Transformers, Sentence-Transformers and Diffusion models
  • Support all of the Hugging Face Transformers, Sentence-Transformers and Diffusion tasks as well as custom tasks not supported by Hugging Face Transformers

Features of the environment

Environments are the execution runtime environment for the generative model
  • Portable Task Model

    Execute a task on any model and inference provider with zero changes

  • Single Execution Interface

    For all models and providers, including streaming

  • Virtualization Layer

    Integrate different models and providers into a single virtualized environment

  • Fine-Tuning

  • Storage, Indexing & Search

  • Load- Balancing

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