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Amazon Bedrock

Amazon Bedrock, also known as AWS Bedrock, is a fully integrated inference provider and execution environment in which language models run. Amazon Bedrock offers a choice of foundational models from leading AI companies such as AI21 Labs, Anthropic, Cohere, Meta, Mistral AI, Stability AI, and Amazon.


Amazon Bedrock Integration

The integration with Amazon Bedrock offers unique benefits for Composable Prompts users

Environments - 700x446
  • Single API for all models on Bedrock, foundational and custom
  • Advanced prompt studio
  • Leverage Bedrock’s fine-tuning
  • Supports custom models

Features of the environment

Environments are the execution runtime environment for the generative model
  • Portable Task Model

    Execute a task on any model and inference provider with zero changes

  • Single Execution Interface

    For all models and providers, including streaming

  • Virtualization Layer

    Integrate different models and providers into a single virtualized environment

  • Fine-Tuning

  • Storage, Indexing & Search

  • Load- Balancing

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