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Composable Prompts Now Available on AWS Marketplace

We’re excited to announce that Composable Prompts is now available on AWS Marketplace. AWS Marketplace helps users find software, data, and services that run on Amazon Web Services, Inc. (AWS) and simplifies software licensing and procurement with flexible pricing options and multiple deployment methods. 

This availability will help even more organizations design, test, deploy and operate LLM-powered tasks for enterprise solutions. 

With Composable Prompts, enterprise teams can build intelligent applications and services using multiple LLMs and inference providers without the burden and complexity of managing disparate APIs, security models, or prompt formats.


Why Choose Composable Prompts on AWS Marketplace?

Here are the top 5 benefits to purchasing Composable Prompts through AWS Marketplace:

  • Simplified Procurement: AWS Marketplace provides a streamlined, single-click purchasing experience, reducing the time and effort needed to procure software. This means faster deployment and quicker time to value.
  • Integrated Billing: AWS Marketplace allows for consolidated billing, simplifying financial management. All your AWS services and third-party applications can be included in a single invoice.

  • Scalability and Reliability: Hosted on AWS infrastructure, Composable Prompts benefits from world-class scalability and reliability. AWS’s robust infrastructure ensures that you can grow your AI applications seamlessly without any compromise on performance.

  • Secure and Compliant Environment: AWS provides a secure environment that complies with numerous industry standards and certifications. Utilizing AWS Marketplace ensures that your application services adhere to the highest security and compliance standards.

  • Flexible Payment Options: With AWS Marketplace, you benefit from flexible payment options, including annual subscriptions and custom contracts available through private offers. This flexibility allows you to align costs directly with usage patterns and budget constraints.

Overall, AWS Marketplace provides a convenient platform for customers to discover, procure, and manage software solutions, leveraging the power and flexibility of the AWS cloud platform.

How to Get Started

Getting started with Composable Prompts on AWS Marketplace is easy:

  1. Visit the Composable Prompts listing on AWS Marketplace.
  2. Review the product subscription and pricing options.
  3. Click “View purchase options” and follow the prompts to subscribe and integrate Composable Prompts into your AWS environment.

By leveraging AWS Marketplace, you gain not only access to state-of-the-art platform for building AI/LLM platform with Composable Prompts but also the unparalleled benefits of AWS’s trusted cloud infrastructure.


Listing Composable Prompts on AWS Marketplace underscores our dedication to providing scalable, secure, and innovative AI solutions for enterprise teams. We invite you to explore this new offering and see how Composable Prompts can transform your business processes, boosting efficiency and fostering innovation.

For more information, find us on the AWS Marketplace and reach out with any questions